Where we came from

Integration is our legacy

We have been working with Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products since 1995 in industries ranging from banking to high tech. We have clients accross the United States and internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the UK. Our core clients are small to mid-sized businesses, using current mainstream CRM/ERP products with both on-premise and cloud based systems, though we do also support several large enterprise clients and many custom environments. We leverage the latest collaboration technologies, and secure remote connections, to minimize our response time and maximize our effectiveness. We are constantly expanding our breadth of expertise and looking for new industries to bring positive change.

An Experienced Leader

Rob Moulton, our founder, started his career as a Microsoft Technologies instructor in the early days of networking, and quickly realized the challenges companies faced with staying competitive amidst the rapidly-changing landscape of software and sales methodologies, and began his career in equipping companies to maintain (and adequately mine) data. He spent some time in the banking industry focused on database architectures, before moving to the "internet startup" craze through to the crash of 1999. It was then that he refocused his efforts by supporting a wider range of businesses (stretching from government to retail) as the Director of Professional Services for a thriving ISV based in Southern California; spending a considerable, and growing, portion of his time integrating and analyzing systems for customers. From that experience, he started Blue Peak Solutions. BPS was started in 2006, and is a privately held company based in Colorado Springs, CO.

We embrace emerging technologies

From the beginning we have always enjoyed a good challenge. But technology is meant to be used to solve issues, not hold us back. So from our early days we have maintained an optimistic perspective, and have always been able to find a way to help our customers grow and bring their systems together. No matter what your challenge is, we are confident we can help you move forward and overcome your greatest "pain points".

Recognized Success

Blue Peak Solutions has been a Scribe MVP and Certified Solutions Provider with Scribesoft since it's conception, and continues to be a leader and "go to" partner for an expanding list of companies. Give us a chance to prove our value.